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Rainwater is a valuable natural resource. As we continue to experience tighter water restrictions and rising costs, it may be time for you to consider installing a rainwater tank.

The main benefits of rainwater is reducing your dependance on mains water, therefore saving money on your water bill and being a part of a larger global environmental water saving footprint - Reduce, Reuse & Recycle. Remember a rainwater tank is a long term investment, pick the correct size for your home to get the most amount of usage and savings. Rainwater can be used for many applications, watering, drinking, washing machine, toilets and can feed into your hot water system. Our rainwater specialist can discuss your options to best meet the needs for your family and home.

What do you need to consider before purchasing a rainwater tank?
Select the largest tank for the area you have available. Residentially space can be an issue, at 24/7 Hotwater Direct we can supply a large variety of tanks in sizes and shapes. Including Slimline tanks which are perfect for small spaces.

Calculate how much rainwater you can collect. 1mm of rain on 1sq metre of roof area will give you 1 litre in your tank.

What type of Tanks are available?

Galvanised tanks - These tanks are both high-quality and durable, appropriate for various applications including storage, irrigation and fire.

Urban Tanks - The Urban Tanks are a great value for money for option and ideal for the new home builder or investment property owner.

Round Tanks - Designed primarily for suburban applications, this robust tank comes in a range of colours to suit your exterior decor.

Thin Tanks - Designed to be non-invasive and aesthetically-pleasing, these tanks can be configured in any quantity to achieve your desired water storage capacity.

Maxicube Tank - The Maxicube Tanks are a great value for money for option and ideal for the new home builder or investment property owner.

Size does depend of the type of tank you prefer and the space that you have. At a quick glance small tanks can start at 1000L and a large tank can be 225000L. Check out our range

You will also need to think about what accessories you may need.

Gutter mesh - prevent leaves and debris from blocking gutters
Rain Heads - deflect leaves and debris out of pipes that hold water
Tank Overflows - must be designed to ensure stormwater does not pond under buildings or around footings
Pump and filtration - to distribute water for use inside and outside the home - you can also plumb your tank to your washing machine, toilet or outside tap

Remember to contact your local council for guidance about rainwater tank selection for your home and get correct information regarding applications and consent. Look for your local council

Get more information about drinking your rainwater.
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