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Switch from Electric to Gas.

Why Choose Gas?

Gas hot water is a environmentally friendly option. Gas burns very cleanly and therefore produces very few omissions. Gas is not only environmentally friendly it is also very energy efficient. Gas hot water systems are a much better option then electric hot water systems as gas burns hot and very little is wasted.

There are options when it comes to gas hot water systems, condensing gas hot water systems are up to 95% efficient where instantaneous gas hot water systems only heat the water as you need it - no more losses from your storage tank!

As the cost of electricity continues to rise, gas hot water systems have gained in popularity. Gas hot water is cheaper then electric systems to run and in some states rebates are available if you switch from electric hot water systems to gas hot water systems.

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Gas hot water systems are also faster and more efficient then electric hot water systems. Gas hot water can heat a fresh tank of water very quickly, which means you do not have to wait long for hot water, or alternatively an instantaneous system means you never run out of hot water…..as hot water is heated as it 's needed.

Gas Hot Water - Make the Switch
* Environmentally Friendly
* Energy Efficient
* Cost Effective
* Fast Hot Water

Thinking of switching to GAS?
These are a few things you need to take into consideration…
* Natural Gas
* LPG Gas
* Size of the unit you need
* Type of System which best suits your household

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