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Rainwater collected from a roof is generally safe to drink but collecting a good, clean supply depends on "low maintenance - not no maintenance".

Rainwater can provide a free and renewable supply of soft, clear and odourless water for a range of purposes including drinking, food preparation, washing, bathing, laundry, toilet flushing and gardening.

Over time, tanks can become contaminated with animal or bird droppings from the roofs or gutters or from lead flashing if you have an old roof. It's important to keep tanks in good condition so that the water will be clean and safe to use, especially for drinking. Not all states allow rainwater to be used for drinking water so check with your local council.

To maintain your system and keep your tank water clean you should:
Always follow the manufacturer's operating instructions, including how often the tank should be drained and cleaned, check and clear your roofs and gutters often for vegetation and debris, keep the roof clear of overhanging vegetation, check and maintain screens around the tank and if you've installed a first-flush diverter, ask the installer to show you how to clean it.
Drain and clean your tank, generally every few years, to remove sediment.

To get further information regarding maintenance of your tank and testing of your water follow this link SA Health

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