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Why Natural Gas?
Maintain your Rainwater and Tank

Thinking of Installing a Rainwater Tank?

Installing a rainwater tank is an excellent way of making use of one of our most important natural resources.

If you live in the country, rainwater is probably already an important source of your water. If you live in an urban area, installing a rainwater tank gives you a personal water supply.

You can use rainwater in place of tap water for watering your garden during water restrictions. If your tank is plumbed into your house, you can also use rainwater in your washing machine, as drinking water and for flushing the toilet.

Catch a free supply of water, wash your car and water the garden during water restrictions and help conserve Australia's scarcest natural resource

The best water tank for you will depend on your budget, the amount of room you have for the tank, local council guidelines and requirements, the size of the tank and your use of the rainwater.

Water for outdoor or indoor use?
The most important issue to consider before you buy and install a rainwater tank is how you want to use the water.
Using the water outdoors – for watering the garden and washing the car, for example – is the easiest way to start, as you probably just need the supplier to install the tank, rather than a licensed plumber. And it will immediately cut your consumption of mains water.
Save even more by sending the water to your toilet, washing machine or hot water system, but you'll need a licensed plumber to connect the tank to your mains supply.

What size tank do I need?
The capacity you choose will depend on the size and shape of your household, garden and council requirements. Round, squat tanks fit well under a deck, while slimline tanks are good for narrow spaces.
Your roof area and the annual rainfall in your region will also have to be considered.

To help determine the size and shape that's right for you contact our Rainwater Tank Specialist on 1800 234 732

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