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Thinking of Installing a Rainwater Tank?

Why Natural Gas?

Gas is a low cost, low carbon and convenient fuel of choice for Australian consumers when it comes to cooking, hot water and winter heating. Gas fired appliances are proven contributors to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and are efficient and responsive.

While you're enjoying the benefits of natural gas in your home, you will most likely make some significant cost savings and reduce your carbon footprint compared to energy from the electricity grid. The more gas you use, the cheaper your tariff will be, which means lower gas bills for your entire household.

For instant warmth, reliable and enjoyable showers, and complete control in the kitchen, natural gas is the perfect solution.

Ever thought about making your home a natural gas home? Here's your chance! Australian Gas Networks is offering free connection to existing homes where a gas main runs past the property, PLUS a $500 connection bonus to first-time gas customers if a natural gas hot water system, natural gas space heater, or natural gas central heater is also installed (Terms and Conditions apply).

Two great offers, and two great reasons to connect to gas now.

Free connection: Includes all labour, materials and pipework for a standard connection (includes up to a maximum of 15m of pipe in metro areas, subject to property conditions) to a residential home, from the gas main in the street up to and including the installation of the gas meter, in networks owned by Australian Gas Networks and where a gas main runs past the house. This offer does not cover the cost of the outlet service or appliance installation.

Follow the link to check whether your address is part of the natural gas networks owned by Australian Gas Networks, use the online tool or call the Customer Service Team on 1300 001 001.

$500 connection bonus: Connection bonus is claimable for existing homes (not new home builds) that: Connect to natural gas for the first time between 1 January 2017 and 31 December 2017 (gas meter must be installed in this period); AND Install at least one of the following natural gas appliances: hot water, ducted central heating or hydronic heating, flued space heating. Additional rebates are available for these appliances. Offer is open only to households connected to the network owned by Australian Gas Networks There is a limit of one connection bonus per household.

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